Whitman Warriors
Whitman Warriors

Welcome To The Whitman Warriors Cooperstown All Star Village Website

The Warriors are on a mission to raise enough funds to send a group of 12 year old boys to the Cooperstown All Star Village in the Summer of 2017. Please feel free to donate to this wonderful cause.

Our Mission Statement

The Warriors Cooperstown baseball team was organized to compete at a high level while providing each athlete with a fulfilling tournament experience. We want the team to win, to display good sportsmanship, and we want our children to have fun. We understand that all of the athletes on the team will be required to play multiple positions due to the intensity and frequency of play at Cooperstown. As parents, we have confidence in Coach Sepeck to rely on his experience and use his discretion to make specific decisions on the field that will help us achieve our mission.

Our Fundraising Goal

The Cooperstown baseball tournament is a once in a lifetime experience for our kids, but it’s expensive. We believe that money should not prevent any athlete from going to the tournament. Our goal, therefore as a registered 501(c)(3) charity with the state of Massachusetts, is to design a comprehensive fundraising program to eliminate the financial burden. The members of this team will fund raise on a regular basis (once or twice per month) over the next year in order to achieve our goal.